Get Real Season 1

with BM, Ashley, and Peniel

Idols by day and podcast hosts by night Peniel (of BTOB), BM (of KARD), and Ashley Choi are here to GET REAL. This show is a place for these close friends to open up about all the ups and downs of work, love, and adulthood from their perspective.

Meet your hosts BM, Ashley, and Peniel

What listeners are saying

I usually put it on when I have work, and it’s quite entertaining. I usually get stressed by all the stuff I need to analyze, but the 3 of them really give me some giggles here and there and it feels like I’m sharing the space with close friends who are just chatting and it’s just perfect.


Really enjoyed every single one of these podcasts. While jogging, I keep finding myself laughing and smiling through ep 5. Keep up the work.


These three are hilarious!!! It’s great to hear real insight into their lives as kpop artists. I look forward to every episode! Definitely recommend!