How Did I Get Here?

with Jae and Alexa

Welcome to HOW DID I GET HERE, where we live our best lives on the Internet and come out the other side knowing more but not feeling all that much smarter. So come along this weird yet tantalizing ride with your hosts, Jae of DAY6 & AleXa. You’re welcome.

Meet your hosts Jae and Alexa

What listeners are saying

This was suggested on Spotify and the first episode had me cracking up. I don’t like listening to podcasts but this is so great. 10/10 would recommend.


I literally fell down a YouTube hole last night and came across Jae’s podcast. He’s speaking about so many things that I might have thought about in the past but never really dove into thinking about it. It is super fun to listen to him dive into these topics and bringing me right along with him. Super fun, super funny, super insightful, and all around so wonderful to listen to. Definitely a fan now and can’t wait to hear what other great things Jae will do or say next.


I started listening as AleXa visited as a guest, and I’ve enjoyed her hosting while Jae was away. She adds a new perspective and ideas to the show and I look forward to the discussions and different points of view they’ll share together as awesome co-hosts.