I Think You're Dope

with Eric Nam

Singer-songwriter and personality, Eric Nam, carries out authentic conversations with fascinating and people he finds “dope”.

Meet your host Eric Nam

What listeners are saying

I love the laid-back and comfortable feeling this podcast gives off as we listen to Eric talking to inspiring people, who often seem detached from our ordinary lives because they're out there doing such incredible work, and we get a more real and candid sense of who they are when we listen to what their thought processes are. I guess, all in all, I'd summarize this as a cozy podcast that lends itself to humanize beings that most of us would rarely get a chance to see away from the spotlight. Keep it up, Eric!


It's a fun show when the host is a fan of his guests. I love that you included writers and not just singers. Thanks for exposing us to different dope people.


You know that saying "legends supporting legends" welcome to I Think You're Dope. Honestly, Eric is really good at keeping conversation with his guest in a way that sounds comfortable and friendly. It's great to be able to learn about other people in the public eye but also it's great just to hear Eric Nam's personality. 10/10 would recommend very good. muy bueno should listen to. 👍