Idol 42

with CLC

Wait... a chance to get to know more about my favorite idols? SIGN ME UP. Introducing our Korean podcast, 'IDOL42'. Each season we'll be welcoming new friends of the K-Pop world for some good vibes. 아이돌들의 살아가는 이야기, 소소한 일상들을 가볍지만 진지하게 다가가 보는 시간. 다이브 스튜디오의 첫 아이돌 팟캐스트 ‘IDOL42: 아이돌들의 사소한 이야기’ 입니다! 현재 이야기ing : CLC - Latest Hosts!

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What listeners are saying

This is a must listen if you’re a kpop fan in general. You get to know more of the groups and it just seems like you’re just bonding with them on every listen.


I’m excited to see what’s next and whose coming, thank you for introducing Idols and giving them more exposure!


I’m excited to see who else will appear on this podcast, it’s chill, it’s comfortable, and the guests seem to be having fun without worrying about being overwhelmed ❤️