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자체제작돌이라는 수식어로 불리는 펜타곤 멤버들이 직접 참여하여 기획한 팟캐스트! 펜타곤 멤버들이 만들어 가고 싶은 펜타곤 팟캐스트는 과연 어떤 것들일까?! A podcast created by PENTAGON themselves! Tune in to see what kind of podcast the Pentagon members have been planning for you.

Meet your host Pentagon

What listeners are saying

팟캐스트 자주들으려고 하는데 펜타곤의 잭팟부터 듣기 시작해야 겠어요~

- 해4

This is so good, I love that it’s unscripted, the boys are so fun and I love that they can express themselves!

Cherry Star62

I can’t wait to see more episodes. The first episode is already so much fun to listen to, even though I don’t understand Korean. The chemistry the boys have are amazing.