with Sam, Dave, and Saul

Sam & Dave invite a couple of their friends along with the listeners to discuss and debate the quandaries that shape our lives: from the small but significant (is over or under the best way to roll toilet paper?) to the more pressing matters (how is it raising kids in the age of COVID-19?) Everyone’s either on the same page or fine to agree to disagree but no matter what, clearly over is the best way to roll out toilet paper. Duh.

Meet your hosts Sam, Dave, and Saul

What listeners are saying

I’ve been a fan of both Sam and Dave for a while now, and to see their perspectives and discussions in consistent long term content without all the regular media restrictions or formalities is quite a treat… 100% worth a listen


It’s a great podcast Sam and Dave along with their guests really dive into things that occur within their lives. I can relate to some of the things they mention for example on a recent podcast Andreas said “I miss the emotion more than I miss the person” I realized I didn’t really miss the person but rather the emotion so I’d like to thank him for that


I did not know what I was getting into when I started this podcast, but wow is this refreshing! These guys are funny, honest, bring individual perspectives, and are so entertaining. I especially appreciate the comfort in which they move between lighter and heavier topics. It makes me feel like I’m among good friends and no subject is off the table; all feelings are valid.