with Jin Jin and Kino

두 호스트의 일상부터 다양한 아티스트와의 만남까지! 어디서든 풀지 않았던 솔직한 이야기를 언박싱하는 팟캐스트! 아스트로 진진과 펜타곤 키노의 UNBOXING! Explore the daily lives of your two hosts, JINJIN and KINO, and get to know their artist friends! A podcast that unboxes honest stories that haven’t been shared anywhere else! Welcome to ASTRO JINJIN and PENTAGON KINO’s UNBOXING!

Meet your hosts Jin Jin and Kino

What listeners are saying

I look forward to the UNBOXING podcast the most in my week! It’s so nice to just sit down and relax while JINJIN and KINO recommend even more K-Pop songs that they enjoy. I feel like I’m sitting with them as well as if we are close friends of mine.


2 of the best personalities coming together for such a chill and comfortable podcast! They always have the best energy and always keep you entertained with the stories they have to share!!


Really laidback and chill podcast. Even though I don’t understand Koreanfully, I can still listen with no problem. When I have time, I go and watch them on YouTube. JINJIN and KINO have the best chemistry ever and I always look forward to new episodes!!! Keep up the great work guys!! 💙💜