What Would Jamie Do?

with Jamie Park

Jamie Park’s official podcast. A new podcast where I, Jamie Park, give YOU advice and basically say what I would do in your sticky situation. The show is therefore called “What Would Jamie Do?”. See what I did there? I’m clever. But before we can even start, I need you guys to submit to the e-mail wwjd@thedivestudios.com (currently closed) so I can go read your dilemmas, predicaments, problems, crises, hardships, and whatever else out loud on the podcast and give my advice.

Meet your host Jamie Park

What listeners are saying

I listen to this podcast before I sleep and honestly it’s a really relaxing way to fall asleep. Jamie’s advice is so good and she’s so real. Listening to this podcast definitely relieves some of the stress of high school. Also it seems like me and Jamie are really similar in terms of giving advice. I am also very straightforward and really honest when giving advice and sometimes I feel as though I am being too harsh. As the therapist of my friend group, I’m really glad that I’m not the only one who thinks this way and gives advice this way.


Jamie is so real with everything she talks about. She can relate to us listeners just by talking which makes her podcast a fun, interactive experience! I love that she isn’t scared to relate to personal experiences and help us with personal issues Thank you Dive Studios and thank you Jamie!


I love this podcast, Jamie gives actual advice and doesn’t hold back from what she thinks. I really learn from her and other people’s stories, it’s really helpful. I love listening to this podcast and get really excited whenever a new episode is uploaded !